What We Do

Urhous is a real estate brokerage and media group. We believe that the real estate industry has changed. The way consumers understand value first begins by what they see online. That’s where we come in! We start the real estate experience by meeting the consumer where they are and provide valuable content that’s important to them. Our media group is made up of writers, photographers, film directors, social influencers, artist, and content strategist all working together to give our audience the most valuable online experience.

But we don’t stop there!

We are first and foremost a real estate firm who carry on that experience with buyers and sellers. Our team of real estate agents are driven to provide our clients with experienced advice, innovative marketing, skillful negotiation services, and most importantly, a remarkable customer experience.

We don’t look to begin the relationship at the front door of a home–we start the relationship when you pick up your phone, tablet, or log onto your computer.

We like to say that we want Urhous to be your house. We would love to work with you!