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Getting to the View From the Top

Urhous founder and CEO, Steve Gunter, is an entrepreneur with visionary ideas that, when heard, seem like common sense to any business.

Very simply put, give the consumer value.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Fire Indecisive Clients Fast!

Being a real estate agent can sometimes be thought of as a “crazy” profession. Most consumers don’t understand all that goes into being an agent and clients who are indecisive tend to make the job that much more crazier! Therefore, agents should do themselves a favor and fire indecisive clients fast! Here are 5 reasons why.

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The Hardest Part About Getting Started in the Real Estate Business

 ….is the fact that starting cost something. Starting cost time, effort, and money. When you first get started you figure that maybe you could do it part-time. You reason that it’s possible for you to do it in conjunction with your full-time job. You also figure that it wouldn’t be too hard to do it on the weekends or maybe even six months out of the year after you put a certain amount of money in the bank from commissions. 

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For Real Estate Agents: Limit Your Activity

The easiest thing for an agent to do is to become side tracked by too many things to do. If you’re a single agent you’re probably holding open houses, doing phone duty, showing homes, going on listing appointments, managing paperwork, making phone calls, doing social media, attending network events, setting up coffee dates, and the list goes on. Endless amounts of activity that lead you from one place to another but don’t give you the results you’re looking for. Which is why the best way for you to win is not to do more but do less.

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Why Agents Should Focus on Just One Thing

On the outside looking in the real estate sales business seems to be full of agents who just show homes and collect commissions for a living. This is obviously far from the truth. Real estate is just like any other business – full of challenges and distractions, and agents, often times, find themselves overcome by the challenges and derailed by many distractions. Which is why agents would serve themselves and the industry well if they simply focused on just one thing.

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