The Towns of Garner-Clayton Can Expect More Jobs, More Homes, and More Growth

For years Raleigh has been the center of national attention for the Triangle but tons of activity are also happening around towns that neighbor the big city. Garner and Clayton happen to be two of those small towns and not only are they seeing urban sprawl at it’s finest the demand from the people is there too. Why? Because many major companies are expanding and providing more opportunities for the residents who live there.

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Raleigh, NC. Market Snapshot. Housing in Raleigh Will Never Be the Same.

The Triangle housing market has never seen this kind of activity before. The closest resemblance was during the housing boom of 2003 – 2006. But the market has evolved and buyers are pouring in from unexpected places such as San Francisco, New York City, and yes, even Florida! The population growth is not the only staggering observation, the average sales price, average list price, and the real estate appreciation over one year, in Raleigh, NC., has also caught the attention of buyers, sellers, and all other on lookers around town. Here is a market snapshot of what’s going on in today’s housing market.

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Why Agents Should Focus on Just One Thing

On the outside looking in the real estate sales business seems to be full of agents who just show homes and collect commissions for a living. This is obviously far from the truth. Real estate is just like any other business – full of challenges and distractions, and agents, often times, find themselves overcome by the challenges and derailed by many distractions. Which is why agents would serve themselves and the industry well if they simply focused on just one thing.

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Where Will Baby Boomers Go Next?

The largest generation of people America has ever seen, up until the Millennials arrived, are beginning to make big moves. Known as the hardest working generation the world has ever known, the Baby Boomers, are responsible for much of America’s prosperity, and due to the wealth their generation created many of them purchased homes that have represented such wealth. However, many Baby Boomers are now beginning to downsize and sell off their large estates.ย But where will many of them go? With very little supply across the country the dilemma the market is faced with is will there be enough inventory to satisfy demand?

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Searching for Homes Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Have you run into the issue where you’ve come across a home online and you say to yourself “That’s my house!” only to find out minutes later that it’s no longer available? We thought it would be a novel idea to actually build a website that not only contains accurate information but is directly connected to it’s local MLS (multiple listing service) so that users are always able to get the most accurate information concerning a property in real time.

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