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Why Sexting the Wrong Person Can Lead to a Premature Sell of Your Home ðŸ˜³ðŸ¡

There are thousands of stories on the internet of partners “sexting” (texting another person in a sexual way) people they’re not in a relationship with and some of those relationships tend to end in a heart breaking way….even to go as far as to sell a home the couple just purchased!

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Price it to Sell

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is they price their home above or at the top of the market. Their logic tends to be that is if they go on the market at a higher price they can always negotiate down to the number they were actually thinking. Or, if no one makes an offer they can lower the price in minor increments over time.

This is not a good strategy! In fact, it almost never works. As a home sits on the market and days begin to go by how likely are buyers thinking that the home is worth what the sellers are asking? Hardly ever. Buyers are thinking that the home is overpriced and it needs to come down.

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Urhous Search Dot Com

Nothing matters more to consumers than having access to the most up to date listings on the market which is why we wanted to deliver a first class real estate search portal to buyers and sellers. is directly connected to the local MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and provides users with an easy to use online experience.

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Searching for Homes Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Have you run into the issue where you’ve come across a home online and you say to yourself “That’s my house!” only to find out minutes later that it’s no longer available? We thought it would be a novel idea to actually build a website that not only contains accurate information but is directly connected to it’s local MLS (multiple listing service) so that users are always able to get the most accurate information concerning a property in real time.

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What You Can Expect In Real Estate Over the Memorial Day Weekend

Here in the Triangle we’re expecting to get a few scattered storms over the weekend but that won’t stop buyers who need to find a home from going shopping. Memorial Day Weekend is among the hottest selling times in the spring market and if you’re looking to sell now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity.

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