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Jay-Z Drops Knowledge on Track Regarding Real Estate Investing

Touted as one of the most insightful records of Jay-Z’s career 4:44 is still being talked about among people across America. One reason for this is because of Jay-Z’s songĀ The Story of O.J.Ā where he not only talks about the issue of race but surprisingly also drops knowledge on investing in real estate.

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If You’re Going to Flip a House You Better Already Have Some Money!

Forget about all those shows you’ve been watching on television or the books you’ve been reading over the past few years. The reality is if you “ain’t” got no money you can’t flip a house. Numerous hopeful flippers think they can just wake up one morning, go flip a house, then all of their problems would be solved. But unfortunately if you don’t already have some money to play with, and maybe even lose, flipping a house isn’t the answer. Here are a few reasons why you need money to flip a house.

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Urhous Search Dot Com

Nothing matters more to consumers than having access to the most up to date listings on the market which is why we wanted to deliver a first class real estate search portal to buyers and sellers. is directly connected to the local MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and provides users with an easy to use online experience.

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