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“Da Hood” has Become the Most Popular Place to Live

Pick any city in America. Doesn’t matter which one. Do you remember the time when NO ONE wanted to live in the inner city? You know, the areas near and around downtown wherever. Well, it looks like times have changed and here in Raleigh, NC “da hood” is one of the hottest real estate markets around the city. Buyers have been lining up waiting to buy some of the most exclusive real estate around town. However, buying in one of these neighborhoods come with a price. Not just the financial price paid by the buyer who moves in but also the price paid by the occupants who once lived there.

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Here’s One Good Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Be Pre-Approved

Houses can be like a rabbit in a hat. One minute it’s there for the taking the next minute it’s gone. Some buyers struggle with the reality that a home can move off the market that fast. This is the perfect reason why buyers should never wait to be pre-approved by a bank before looking at homes.

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Urhous Search Dot Com

Nothing matters more to consumers than having access to the most up to date listings on the market which is why we wanted to deliver a first class real estate search portal to buyers and sellers. is directly connected to the local MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and provides users with an easy to use online experience.

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Searching for Homes Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Have you run into the issue where you’ve come across a home online and you say to yourself “That’s my house!” only to find out minutes later that it’s no longer available? We thought it would be a novel idea to actually build a website that not only contains accurate information but is directly connected to it’s local MLS (multiple listing service) so that users are always able to get the most accurate information concerning a property in real time.

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