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Top 5 Areas Around the Triangle Millennials are Flocking To

The Triangle is full of great places to live which is why thousands of people relocate to Raleigh-Durham annually. But there are a few areas that have captured the interest of Millennials and these twenty and thirty somethings are stopping at nothing to find their perfect home in these Top 5 locations.

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Thursday nights bring the beach to Raleigh!

Thursday night. Friday Eve. However you look at it, Monday-Friday-ers (even those who love their jobs), are glad the weekend is almost here. I’ve found articles dating back to 1994 mentioning how Thursday night was, in a sense, the new Friday. Even the NFL jumped on board a few years back, and began airing Thursday night games. Let’s face it, many adults live for weekends, and Thursday nights make a great additional social night for many who also have weekend obligations of adulthood.

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A Day in Durham – You can have it all.

In 2016, US News rated the Raleigh-Durham area the top 6th place to live based on several quality of life factors. Since I live in the southern part of Wake County, and have lived in Johnston County previously, I admit that I have not spent a lot of time in the Durham parts of the “Raleigh-Durham” area- at least aside from a baseball game or two each year. When a couple of colleagues heard this, they suggested I take some time to explore the area.

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4 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Your Brand-New Home

Everyone knows fireworks are a Fourth of July staple. Times and places for those are posted on any town/city website, and aired on the news for a week. Many towns also have lively daytime events including BBQ contests, live music, and so on.

However, if you are one of the many individuals or families who have just moved into a new home during the spring or early this summer, this is also an excellent time to show off your new house and begin making memories with your family and friends.

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