Get Their Attention! A Simple Guide for Home Builders to Turn Buyers Into Viewers

Part of the sales process is understanding how to cultivate repeat business after you’ve made a sale. If you’ve been in business for any length of time you know that the cost of a lead can get expensive and building a business around new business is far more difficult than building it around people you’ve done business with before. There’s a saying in the sales industry that says you want to stay ‘top of mind’ in the thoughts of the consumer.

As marketing has evolved over time the way one stays ‘top of mind’ has changed. There used to be a time where all you had to do was send a postcard in the mail to your past customers. But now that the ROI (return on investment) on direct mail marketing campaigns is less than 1% many have gotten away from such an approach. Next up was the automatic e-newsletter blast where you could “set it and forget it” and a generic email would go out to your entire database. But since people started to receive numerous amounts of e-newsletters from multiple companies and Google decided to create a “Promotions” tab that would send all the spam mail to that folder the ROI of such campaigns has also dropped substantially. Not to mention many of the previous methods have often times been worthless pieces of content that spoke to all but meant nothing to no one.

What home builders need is to make sure their content is valuable and captures the attention of the people their targeting. After you closed a home with a buyer the next step is to turn that buyer into a viewer. Here are some tips to help you create  an audience who will always think of you when they or their friends and family need to purchase a home.

  1. Start with the end in mind. What do people like to see most when viewing a home? What features do people care about in a neighborhood? Then shoot a video to illustrate those points.
  2. Make the video interesting. It could be humorous. It could be musically oriented. It could be almost like a featured film with characters who have defined roles. But at all cost make it worth watching!
  3. Do a collection of videos. Maybe even a short series you can constantly rotate through out the course of the year so that your viewers continue to see new content and maybe even reruns of your homes and neighborhoods.
  4. Post the videos to complimentary social media platforms and structure the content so that it’s native to the platform you’re using. For example, if you post it on Facebook it can be long or short form. If you post it on Instagram it has to be a short but be sure you’re only using the most entertaining clips.

These are just a few things you can do to start turning buyers into viewers and the more viewers you have the more repeat and referral business you’ll start to see. For more questions and information visit our Advertise Page.

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