Big Boi Shuts Down City Plaza. Solange Slays the Red Hat Amphitheater.

Saturday night was turned all the way up in Downtown Raleigh. Music artist from around the country descended upon the city and led one of the most entertaining nights of the year. The main attractions Big Boi  and Solange didn’t disappoint. Both artist left City Plaza and the Red Hat Amphitheater in “flames.”

Starting on Thursday, the Hopscotch Music Festival had already been well attended by locals and people travelling from as far as Charlotte and Virginia all coming to attend one of the hottest music events in the south. But on Saturday night between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. a light switch turned on. Hip Hop legend, Big Boi, and R&B’s rising star Solange lit Raleigh ablaze.

First up was Big Boi at the Raleigh City Plaza. Prior to Big Boi’s arrival on stage people were slowly gathering towards the main stage while the DJ played a few old school hip hop tracks that even I couldn’t help but vibe to.

At around 8:15 p.m. the atmosphere changed. When, at first, you had plenty of “elbow room” and space to maneuver suddenly people were packed together all trying to get the perfect shot of the hip hop artist with their phones as Big Boi came on stage with the perfect balance of energy and swag.

After Big Boi’s performance there was only so much time to get a good spot to watch Solange perform at the Red Hat Amphitheater. So I raced across City Plaza over to McDowell St. to make it over before the concert got going.

Here was the scene prior to Solange hitting the stage.

Seeing Solange on stage was like watching Tina Turner during her prime. An artist with a magnetic presence and incredible voice. Plenty of times she interacted with her fans up close as people were able to shake hands and take selfies with the acclaimed artist.

The Hopscotch Music Festival’s last day is on Sunday with the final act taking place at 8:00 p.m. at the Red Hat Amphitheater with Angel Olsen.

By Steven Gunter, Founder of Urhous and “wanna be” rapper in my younger years.

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