NFL Football is Back! And Super Bowl Predictions?

The moment everyone’s been waiting for is here. NFL football is back and tonight it kicks off the regular season with none other than the legendary Tom Brady and the New England Patriots facing the Kansas City Chiefs at 8:30PM ET on NBC.  As of today everyone is starting the season undefeated but that will soon change. It may be a little early for Super Bowl predictions but I’m going to tell you why the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are on a collision course to meet up again for a second Super Bowl match up in four years.

Let me start by saying that I’m actually a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. Have been for all my life and the fan in me always feels like there’s a chance, no matter how small the percentages, that the Browns can find our way into the Super Bowl for the first time and make history like the CAVS! But before I get myself too excited I have to acknowledge the fact that organizations such as New England and Seattle are much further along and they know how to cheat better than other teams to do (just kidding).

Whenever you have the greatest quarterback to have ever played the game you’ve got to give that team a shot at winning it all. While Tom Brady may now be in his forties, make no mistake about it, the man is still sharp both physically and mentally. Not to mention the weapons he has around him in tight end Ron Gronkowski and wide receiver Brandin Cooks the Patriots are clearly the favorite coming out of the AFC. Now of course, a number of people have talked about the season ending ACL injury to Julian Edelman and how that will affect the Patriot’s season but they have proven before that they’re a team who understands how to win regardless of who plays in the game.

Coming out of the NFC, I’m picking the Seattle Seahawks. First, who can deny the veteran group of Pro Bowlers they have back on the defensive end in Bobby Wagner, Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman. That’s just down right scary. Led by quarterback Russell Wilson the Seahawks have proven to have the winning DNA. The Seahawks went undefeated in the preseason and with a huge chip on their shoulder from last year’s lost to the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs it seems clear that they’re on a mission to prove once again they have what it takes to be world champions.

So, dust off that living room recliner and throw the beer mug in the freezer because tonight we get back to football!

By Steven Gunter, Founder and CEO of Urhous and an incredibly delusional Browns fan.

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