How NBA 2K18 is Looking to Run the Neighborhood

Trending on the Top 50 list of YouTube everyone is talking about the new NBA 2K18 game. For all the gamers out there who like to take advantage of free time and weekends to chill at home and escape into a fantasy for a few hours 2K Games are bringing you that and more in their new game for basketball enthusiast. Instead of playing in career mode the way it’s been structured by architects in the past users can now create their own path forward to the big leagues. “But if you want to run with the greats you have to first run the neighborhood.”

The story seems real. As the user starts their own legend they’re given the opportunity to choose their reality. Instead of just playing the game users can now feel as though they’re living it.

The YouTube video shows a young man working to get to the NBA but first must hone is his skills and abilities in his own backyard – his neighborhood. Imagery of cities like Philadelphia and the playground courts locals go to for a competitive game of basketball is illustrated through out the video.

Users can shop at stores around their neighborhood and pick up some of the latest fashion gear at Swag’s, get a fresh haircut at Doc’s, or purchase the hottest new sneakers out at Foot Locker.

The entire game itself is a clear ploy of mastery in the art of marketing as brands look to get in front of consumers in their homes and get them to experience the brand before actually going to a store to buy. Nike, Gatorade, Jordan, Mountain Dew, and other brands are all dripping on users in an effort to turn gamers into customers.

Marketing 101 is that brands and businesses must reach their customers where they are and what better way to do that than for you to figure out how you can get people to take you home with them.

Sources: 2k Games YouTube Video

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