5 Things Home Builders Can Do Today To Get More Buyers to Their Homes

It’s no secret that the housing market continues to remain strong through out the third quarter of the year. Good homes are still in demand and many buyers are turning to new construction due to the drastically low inventory in the resale market. This gives many home builders an opportunity to sell more homes but it’s not so easy as ‘if you build it they will come.’ You actually have to drive buyers’ attention to your community otherwise you’ll get lost in the sea of all the other home builders out in the market who are also competing for the same business. Here are five things home builders can do today to start getting more buyers to their homes.

Get Noticed

Most builders tend to do what the rest of their competitors do and simply put a couple signs out on main roads, place the home into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), hold a luncheon for real estate agents, and wait for buyers to come. You may get a few buyers from time to time but this will not get you on people’s radar. You have to think outside the box and get people’s attention. What if you did a weekly Facebook Live video showcasing the neighborhood. What if you held a community event where people could bring their family and friends while also viewing your homes. There are so many different ways to “Get Noticed” you just have to do it or hire someone else who can!

Market Consistently

Marketing doesn’t work when it’s only for a short period of time. You need to do it consistently over a period of months – even years. Marketing is a long term play. The goal of marketing is to not just sell the product you have in inventory right now but to sell future products that haven’t even been built yet. The idea is simple. You want people to constantly think of you as the home builder who can provide the service and quality they seek.

Hire a Strong Agent

Even if you are a good salesperson you can’t do everything. You still have to tend to the business which is why you need to partner with an agent who shares your sales DNA or, hopefully, can do it way better than you. A strong agent will make your home seem like the only home that matters to a buyer and they’ll even tap into some pools of buyers that you don’t have access to.

Never Stop Selling

For most home builders selling is not necessarily their strong suit. They enjoy building things which is the reason why you got into the business. But, it doesn’t matter what you can build if you can’t sell it. Selling is an absolute MUST and the more people hear about your community from your mouth and others the more it gets into their head and takes mind share away from one of your competitors. Sure, money makes the world go around but not until something is SOLD!

Build a Great Product

Once the selling is done and you have a buyer the product has to be great in order for the buyer to commit and send new buyers your way. As word gets around town that you are the builder who specializes in superior customer service and building a quality product the more buyers will naturally flock your way. Offer at least a one year builder’s warranty to help soothe any concerns the buyer may have and keep in touch with them about how their experience is going through out the transaction and after. If you do this you won’t ever have trouble creating fans and selling more homes.

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