The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

All eyes have been turned to the natural disaster taken place in Texas as Hurricane Harvey has come through and overwhelmed the Houston area. Gov. Gregg Abott of Texas, called it “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced” and stated that the region would not recover anytime soon. As the flooding continues to take place people have not only been worried about the safety of themselves and their loved ones but also concerned about what kind of home they’ll be coming back to after the water subsides.

Photo courtesy of ABC News

There are hundreds of videos showing residents, first responders, and military personnel all coming together to help rescue others in need of help.

Flood evacuees
Photo courtesy of New York Times

Roads have been submerged under water and thousands of homes have been completely flooded. Currently, no one knows exactly how much the disaster will cost in damages as the situation is still playing out. The Houston area so far has seen 40 inches of rain, according to forecasters, and many say that it can get as high as 50 inches as rainfall continues through Wednesday.

Trump 1
Photo courtesy of New York Times

President Trump left the White House Tuesday morning for Texas and signed a federal disaster proclamation over the weekend.

Houston convention
Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center opened it’s doors as a mass shelter for people in need.

Hurricane Harvey Home
Photo courtesy of Business Insider

After the water subsides the clean up and recovery efforts will begin. For homes that were damaged home owner’s insurance claims will be filed. But many people will still have lost personal belongings that may have been of great value.

You can go here to give to the relief effort.

Sources: The New York Times , Business Insider , ABC News

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