Where’s the Food? It’s Time to Eat!

Who doesn’t love good food? Rather you’re going out to eat or you’re stirring it up in the kitchen yourself everyone loves when the taste, texture, and spice forge an alliance and overwhelm your taste buds. To top it off you clear your palate with a nice sip of red wine or your favorite beverage, and maybe even solidify the meal with a dessert you only have a taste for but not hungry enough to eat like a thin slice of cheesecake. Have I over done the mental portrait at this point? That’s what our contributor, Kim Cole, is doing with her new blog Lazy Whole Life where she shows you how to put together a clean and healthy yet fabulous meal that will have your taste buds salivating for more.

Here’s a recent post by Kim as she explains how to make the “Lazy Italian” dish. Enjoy:

Here’s the thing about my cooking .. I am awful at following recipes. Part of my hesitation on starting this blog was the fact that I cook a lot just on a whim, use my nose for a timer, and switch things up frequently as I go and I just wasn’t sure how to convey what I am doing in a manner that would help YOU out! So I am going to give my best guesses on the amounts of seasonings and spices used but PLEASE know that you can always adjust anything to your personal liking, and what you have on hand! Part of the beauty of this particular dish is 2 of the main ingredients are pre-made, Whole Foods based items, that come very well seasoned.

So, without further ado – Here’s my quick and tasty Italian Throwdown!

My line up includes :


Muir Glen Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (Found at Target) I chose this sauce because it is Whole30 compliant and frankly, DELICIOUS. 

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage (Found at Trader Joe’s) I also chose this particular sausage because it is Whole30, but there are plenty of other available options to sub in! 


1 zucchini

1 squash

1 sweet onion

4 cloves of garlic

Approximately 1 tbs each of : basil, fennel, red chili pepper flakes, parsley, and oregano

Salt & Pepper to taste

Big handful of Spinach


Start by heating a large, deep skillet over medium heat – adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Ghee once the pan is hot.

Dice your onion and add to the pan with a pinch or two of salt and a bit of pepper. Cover and let them sweat for a bit to release some of the sweet flavors. While this is happening, Slice up your sausage. You want thin bits so they will be bite sized.


Once they are cut, add them to your skillet. You might need to add a bit more of the EVOO or ghee at this point to ensure they do not stick to your pan. You can start to add some of the spices at this point but keep in mind, you will want to add more once the sauce is added so reserve some for later. Cover the pan back up and them them hang out while you work on mincing up your garlic.

PRO TIP : Get yourself a garlic peeler! I had one come with a garlic press and I seriously don’t even know how I used to peel garlic before this wonderful silicone invention!


I’m pretty sure this thing is made from witchcraft. THIS is the set I got from good old Amazon.

You can use the press if you would like, but in this case I just chose to mince the garlic up really well. This gave the sausages a little more time to brown up before I added the garlic to the pan as well. You don’t want the garlic to get brown because it alters the flavor in this dish. I’d say it took me about 5 minutes or so to get the garlic as fine as I wanted, and once that was done I added it to the pan.


Give everything a really good stir. You will start to smell the garlic after a minute or two, and at that point its time to dump about half of that jar of sauce into the pan. Incorporate the sauce and sausage and cover the pan back up.

Now, its time to chop up the squash and zucchini. You can absolutely use a spiralizer if you would like instead of cubing the veggies up. I have one and I LOVE it, but in my quest for being lazy, I chose to chop and avoid a few extra pieces of dishes.


Once you have your veggies cut up, add them to the pan with another round of seasoning. Give everything a really good stir to make sure its all mixed up and cover it back up. You will want to leave it alone for probably about 5-10 minutes, stirring once or twice. We are letting the steam cook the veggies at this point – its almost time to eat!

Once your squash and zucchini are cooked thru, add one or two big handfuls of greens – spinach was my pick last night but baby kale would be a great alternative as well! Give everything another good stir, cover and let sit for just a minute. Get those greens nice and wilted, and thats it!

I think this took me about 30-45 minutes start to finish last night, and I was able to wash my cutting board and knife while everything was cooking – making the rest of the clean up even easier after dinner.

I hope you enjoyed this post – Happy Eating!

You can visit and follow Kim’s blog at lazywholelife.com.

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