How We’re Gaining the Attention of the Market Fast!

When you’re trying to sell a home or community what matters more than anything else? You got it – buyer leads. But how do you get buyer leads? You need to acquire their attention. They have to know you’re there in order for them to buy!

The best product in the world doesn’t always sell. It’s the one that get’s the people’s attention.

The best service providers in the world aren’t always the ones who are hired. It’s the one’s that get the people’s attention.

Home builders are in the most competitive real estate market they’ve ever seen and there’s no signs of it slowing down. How do you sell out a neighborhood quickly when you have a competitor just a few miles down the road offering the exact same product, at the exact same price, with the exact same features? It’s hard isn’t it? Which is why it’s essential for you to have a partner who understands how to capture the people’s attention.

The more you can get the market to think about your community and your brand the more likely you’ll become the first home builder buyers think about.

As a real estate firm, here’s what we do at Urhous to sell more of our clients’ homes:

  1. We’ve built an audience of tens of thousands of people who tune in to the content we distribute over multiple platforms. We give them the kind of value they want to see and we offer them the opportunity to view listings on our homes site. Call it an extended sphere of influence.
  2. We monitor the content that performs best with the demographic we seek to to touch. As we gain a better understanding of their interest we double down to provide even more value to them.
  3. We use social platforms and advertising campaigns to better touch the audience we’re trying to reach.
  4. We capture but then earn our audience’s attention and get them to trust us through providing a consistent stream of value before asking anything in return.
  5. We sell them a home and continue the relationship process after closing which turns into repeat and referral business.

We’re not shy so we’ll just come out and say it. We believe that we can represent your community more cost effectively and more proactively. Let’s have a conversation and start there. Email us at

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