Getting to the View From the Top

Urhous founder and CEO, Steve Gunter, is an entrepreneur with visionary ideas that, when heard, seem like common sense to any business.

Very simply put, give the consumer value.

Now, with a real estate business, you may be defining value by cost and quality of homes being bought and sold, but Gunter is ready to lead his Urhous further, and definitely, past average.

Gunter begins a recent interview by pointing out that, “The [real estate] market is changing in a big way.” The CEO continues by establishing that, “Traditional real estate brokerage firms are dying, and they don’t know they’re dead yet.”

So how is an eight year veteran broker going to survive the death? Stated above, Gunter steps out of the fire simply “by bringing value to the consumer.”

As mentioned, Urhous is going beyond the traditional home value, and the company has added a media component to the business in order to provide relevant content that allows Urhous to reach consumers by adding consistent value to their lives over time.

Gunter knows that in order to lead in the market, Urhous “first has to lead in culture.” By listening to the consumer, and adding consistent value to their lives over time, Urhous plans to be first in the minds of those looking to buy or sell homes. It is the company’s hope that the information and cultural awareness provided may lead consumers towards buying or selling homes in a mindful way. Gunter has no plans of disappearing with the average, and strives to stay ahead of the game, stand out, and run a business that exceeds the average expectations of consumers.

Throughout Gunter’s interview, he’s emphasized and repeated three main business ideas that all entrepreneurs need to keep in mind in an ever changing and increasingly global market:

  • Listen to the consumer
  • Provide the consumer value
  • Do these things OVER TIME

Gunter is bringing his Urhous team with him to “see the view from the top,” and I have no doubt, they will thoroughly enjoy the view.

By Kristen Stephenson, Urhous Contributor

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