Why Tesla is Stopping at Nothing to Build Cars and Energy Tools for Homes of the Future

In case you haven’t noticed Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is constantly working on something big. From disrupting the car industry which no one has been able to do in several decades, to changing the way we consume energy in our homes, to working to make human beings a multi-planetary species by creating civilizations on Mars. Many might say that we’re dealing with a modern day Tony Stark. But none of the work is just by happenstance. Tesla has clearly observed the future of how people will drive and live. And real estate professionals across the board may want to sit back and take a mental note on how Tesla is building a car and energy tools for homes of the future.

The Millennials are the largest generation of people the world has ever known and many of them are either at a time in their life where they’re ready to purchase a home or at the very least live on their own. There is one important issue that is at the forefront of many Millennials minds and that is how our energy dependency on oil is affecting the environment. Tesla is capitalizing on this market in a major way.

Tesla builds electric cars that use a battery source. If one owns a wall connector at home their total cost of electricity usage would be around $4.00 for a travel of 100 miles. That’s a savings on gasoline of around $8.84. Probably the one downside is that it can take, on average, about 1-2 hours to charge unless you’re connected to a supercharger that can only be found at a Tesla Power Station. But if you charge from home over night you may not need to worry about running out of energy for the day.

But Tesla hasn’t stop there they have also taken the next step to threatening companies such as Uber and Lyft with their self driving system where riders only have to enter in their destination of where they want to go and the car drives them there safely.

This could be a complete game changer as car owners can suddenly have an income producing vehicle just sitting in their garage. Everyday, the car could take the owner to work then do a few pickups during the day (which are all completely controlled by the owner from their phone). People pay through an app and the car drives them to their destination. The self driving feature is not completely ready to be used without a person in the driver’s seat in case one small thing were to happen that require a manual override to ensure safety but Tesla believes this feature could be fully capable by as early as 2018.

One major reason why more people haven’t switched to using solar panels has been because of the expense and the lack of aesthetic appeal. But Tesla believes they can solve both of these problems.

Elon Musk said that it looks “quite promising” that the new solar roof could be even cheaper than what it cost to install a normal roof, including labor cost in a recent launch speech made earlier this year.

According to Solar City (recently acquired by Tesla) the solar tiles are made by a tempered glass and the solar cells are placed behind the glass. Additionally, the solar cells “are invisible to the naked eye, yet incredibly efficient. So when you’re on the street, you simply see a stunning roof.”

Depending on the cost when the product begins to hit the market later this year it’s very possible that many homeowners may start to make the switch. See more on that article here.

Lastly, there is the Powerwall which is essentially an ultra “suped up” generator. Tesla explains it this way “Powerwall provides backup power during utility outages, natural disasters and even the Zombie Apocalypse (you know it’s coming). Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall also comes ready to integrate seamlessly with Tesla solar, enabling you to self-power your home and even go off-grid, if you like.” Tesla believes in people having more freedom to control their energy usage and contribute to a cleaner environment.

With all the smart home developments taking place in the housing industry it’s not to hard to see how Tesla could end up playing a vital role in the future of homes as well.

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