3 Ways to Get Your Partner to Say YES!!

Ever wanted to know how you could get your partner to say yes to just about anything? Come on…be honest….you’ve pondered this question before haven’t you? Well, here are 3 ways you can get your partner to say yes. Make sure you screen shot and share it because this will get you more Yeses than you’re going to know what to do with.

Clean the kitchen after dinner

You heard that right! If you really want to make your partner say yes take it upon yourself to clear the table, put the food away, then wash those dirty dishes that have a tendency to sit around until the next day (or more) before anyone gets to them. It’ll be like you became a new person over night!

Help fold the clothes

J. Cole got a song called Foldin Clothes where he makes the idea of folding clothes sound like the coolest thing in the world. But just think, your partner is tired from a long day and you decide to go over and beyond by doing something you almost NEVER do. You fold clothes. And like J. Cole said “it’s the simple things” that makes people feel good.

Finally refill the Freon in your HVAC unit

You’ve probably lived in that house for some time now and haven’t had a reason to refill your HVAC with Freon but now that it’s summer and the house hasn’t been cooling off like it used too you’ve recognized a change in temperature. This has probably caused some comfort issues and your partner hasn’t said anything other than the fact that it’s hot in this house! They probably haven’t offered any solutions but likely have pointed out the temperature issue on more than one occasion. I bet if you take it upon yourself to have the Freon refilled you’ll look like a hero.

Give these 3 things a try and see that your next request doesn’t lead to a YES!!

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