5 Reasons Why You Should Fire Indecisive Clients Fast!

Being a real estate agent can sometimes be thought of as a “crazy” profession. Most consumers don’t understand all that goes into being an agent and clients who are indecisive tend to make the job that much more crazier! Therefore, agents should do themselves a favor and fire indecisive clients fast! Here are 5 reasons why.

Reason #1 – They take up your time.

Clients who are unsure about what they want can have you running around the city showing them homes or taking on added work to demonstrate your loyalty to them. But the reality is they simply don’t know what they want for themselves, and you taking the time to show them just one more house isn’t going to be the game changer. Rather you go above and beyond or not isn’t really that important to them……..because they don’t know what’s important to them!

Reason #2 – They drain your resources.

If you have to drive from one part of town to another frequently. Or, if you like to spend money on lunch for your clients after a long day of looking at homes. Or, if you listen to their pitch that they’re going to get pre-approved later but just want to take a look at this one home before they decide they like it enough to walk into a bank. Just know that you’re being duped. You can literally spend hundreds of dollars carrying people from place to place and giving away your kid’s lunch money for the school year all because you continue to work with people who don’t know what they want.

Reason #3 – Make you look unprofessional.

Let’s just say that your clients finally decide to make an offer on a home. The sellers agree to their offer and they say to you that this is the home of their dreams. But later on in the transaction they get buyer’s remorse and they decide to back out of the deal. Let’s then say that you remain understanding and you decide to take them back out to view more property only to have them go under contract on another home but then back out once again. This begins to make you look unprofessional, not necessarily towards other real estate professionals (although sometimes that can be the case), but with the buyers you represent. In the back of their mind part of them is saying “I’m not sure that home is what I want but I’m so happy this agent is understanding.” But the other part of them is saying, “Why does this person continue to put up with this! They must really need the commission.”

Reason #4 – Reduce your earning potential.

This is Sales 101, anytime you’re not focusing on an income producing activity you’re robbing yourself of future earnings. And frankly, this is what happens when you work with indecisive clients. You put yourself in a position where you working with them is literally costing you money! There’s a time too be nice and then there’s a time to a draw a line in the sand. For every second your time is being wasted working with people you know aren’t going to buy you miss out on the opportunity to work with others who will.

Reason #5 – It becomes downright frustrating.

The real estate sales business is hard enough as it is. Agents working to secure a pipeline of qualified leads, dealing with problems during the course of a transaction, handling paperwork, etc…etc…etc. Adding indecisive clients to the list only frustrates you that much more. Sure, it may turn out to be a potential sale in the future but if they’re behavior and decision making doesn’t suggest that then the proof is right in front of your nose. No need to add more stress than you already have. Learn to let go.

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