Why Sexting the Wrong Person Can Lead to a Premature Sell of Your Home šŸ˜³šŸ”

There are thousands of stories on the internet of partners “sexting” (texting another person in a sexual way) people they’re not in a relationship with and some of those relationships tend to end in a heart breaking way….even to go as far as to sell a home the couple just purchased!

Seven years ago I was the buyer’s agent for two incredible people. They were recently married and so excited to be buying their first home that would be the kickoff to a long and happy life together. We looked at a few properties and about a week into their search they decided on a beautiful two story home with 3200 sf, four bedrooms, and 1 acre of land. It was the perfect fit for a couple looking to build a big family.

A few weeks after closing on their dream home they threw an awesome barbecue inviting friends and family. Luckily for me they liked me enough to invite me over as well. They gave us a tour around the home to show what they had done since moving in and everyone congratulated them and extended their well wishes.

About a year after that closing I received a call early one morning from the husband. He said that his wife had been cheating on him and he had caught her sexting some guy from their job (they all worked at the same place) who had also happened to be at the barbecue! What are the chances?

After having given it very little thought he said that he needed me to put the house on the market for sale ASAFP (his words).

Of course, my first concern was rather he had enough equity in the home for the sale to make sense. But he didn’t care – he was ready to get moving – and she wasn’t necessarily dragging her feet either. It was clear to me that this was a couple who after a year of marriage already agreed that there were irreconcilable differences.

The sale ultimately turned out successful. They didn’t make any money but didn’t lose any either. It was one of those stories that you couldn’t make up even if you tried. They both went their separate ways peacefully. He found someone new and I never heard from her again. But the bottom line is be careful who you decide to “sext” with. It could lead to a premature sell of your home. Just saying.

By Steven Gunter

Steve is the CEO of Urhous and also serves as an agent and whatever else the company need him to do at the time:-) His hobbies involve running, reading, and barbecuing chicken on his new grill.

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