Thursday nights bring the beach to Raleigh!

Thursday night. Friday Eve. However you look at it, Monday-Friday-ers (even those who love their jobs), are glad the weekend is almost here. I’ve found articles dating back to 1994 mentioning how Thursday night was, in a sense, the new Friday. Even the NFL jumped on board a few years back, and began airing Thursday night games. Let’s face it, many adults live for weekends, and Thursday nights make a great additional social night for many who also have weekend obligations of adulthood.

Here in the Triangle, we cannot claim to be different.

This week I was finally able to check out the Midtown Beach Music Series in North Hills Commons area that takes place every Thursday night from April through August. I have to agree with advertising when I say it’s a perfect Thursday evening out- FREE live music outdoors, beer stands, and plenty of North Hills food options. The atmosphere felt like a beach boardwalk, music, shops, blankets or chairs, and there was a genuine summer relaxation in the air. A list of upcoming bands and some other information regarding the event sponsors and venue can be found here.

Here is a list of helpful observations if you have never been and would like to check it out:

  • The main “Commons” are closes to vehicle traffic at 2 p.m., and signs say your car will be towed if your car does not vacate the area by 2.
  • I arrived early for shopping, and to observe. By 3 p.m. I already noticed a couple tailgate chairs set up while the stage, band, and beer stands were also setting up. By 5 there were several chairs and blankets in place, and by the time the band began there were more. Most people seemed to set up chairs, and then got food from surrounding dining options (Chick-fil-a, Which-Wich, Five Guys, etc). Chairs and blankets weren’t bothered at all during this time.
  • I noticed some security already in place by 3.
  • If you park further away, in the Bank of America tower or other areas suggested on their website, bring those chairs that have an arm handle strap, or a picnic blanket with a strap for easy carrying of your seating option. Parking in the actual North Hills area seemed to get full by 5:30ish.
  • People of all ages were everywhere, single millennials hanging out by the beer stand and stage, families with small kids spread out on beach blankets, as well as those up into their 60s and 70s enjoying the benches and their own chairs. One family right next to me had all three generations enjoying the festivities.
  • It’s fun- The music is upbeat, and the dance floor was being utilized by kids, couples in their sixties, and others slowly joined, and there’s plenty to do.

The event ends at 9 pm. For some, that’s the perfect hour to head home, get kids to sleep, and prepare for Friday. For those who want to continue taking advantage of long summer days and enjoy a later Thursday night out, the movie theater is right there, and there are bars within the commons and across the street (Fox and Hound, World of Beer, Kings), and it’s only a short drive to downtown night life.

As always, let your UrHous agent know if you’re interested in finding your new home closer to these areas. As I often say about the Triangle area, there is ALWAYS something to do and fun to be had!

By Kristen Stephenson, Urhous Contributor  

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