Are Container Homes the Next Big Trend?

People have lived in caves, igloos, trees, and homes made from sticks but now a new trend is developing around the world where people are beginning to live in shipping containers!

Container homes are shipping containers that have been modified and re-purposed for home living. The trend has taken off in places like Australia, Asia, and California and it appears that more people are beginning to take notice.Β One benefit to container homes is that owners can take shipping containers that have been laying around in old shipping yards then recycle them and use it to build their next home.

Buyers can purchase container homes for as little as $40,000 and add additional containers to create more square footage or even a second floor. The idea gives homeowners a more cost effective form of owning a home and provides an industrial look mixed with a modern home design. Floor plans offer tons of natural light as windows and doors are cut to be made tall and wide.

However, homeowners are not the only people re-purposing shipping containers. Starbucks has also used this same concept for one of their stores in Seattle.


This Starbucks is not like the rest of the traditional coffee houses with couches and bar stools. This one has industrial materials with a drive-thru and walk up window. Watch the video here:

Only time will tell rather or not the container home trend develops into an actual movement where homes are massed produced. But one certainty that rings true is that recycling old material old helps our overall cause to help maintain the environment.

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