Preparing for the Back to School Rush….In July?

It’s not uncommon to hear the term “Back to School Rush”  but to hear people talking about it in July probably sounds a bit premature unless you’re talking about the housing market.

Everyone knows that the closer we get to the end of August the crazier it gets around town as people go shopping for school supplies. But this same spirit also shows up in July as people run around frantically looking to settle into a new home before school starts.

In the “Back to School” market we tend to see a massive peak on the the line charts that mirror the spring market. Homes are listed for sale and buyers line up in droves to submit their offers. Buyers and Sellers can expect to see a very active market between now and the middle of September as people begin to trickle back in from their summer vacations.

If you’re a seller have your home market ready as this can lead to you getting more from multiple offers. If you’re a buyer be sure you’re pre-approved and ready to put down a healthy deposit as this can give you an edge over the competition. The bottom line is BE READY for the market we’re heading into.

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