4 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Your Brand-New Home

Everyone knows fireworks are a Fourth of July staple. Times and places for those are posted on any town/city website, and aired on the news for a week. Many towns also have lively daytime events including BBQ contests, live music, and so on.

However, if you are one of the many individuals or families who have just moved into a new home during the spring or early this summer, this is also an excellent time to show off your new house and begin making memories with your family and friends.

The great part about gathering your loved ones in your own home is that it can be as lively and elaborate, or as low key, as your desires and budget allow. Here are some ideas to make the most out of your celebration at home:

  • Bounce house and Inflatable Rentals

Inflatables are the in “thing” right now at gatherings across the country, and many have “wet” options that are perfect for a hot North Carolina 4th of July. I, for one, have been to kids’ parties with bounce houses and participated in numerous discussions about how awesome it would be if they “made these things for grown-ups, too”. Well, they’re here now, and many of these places below make them for ALL ages so kids and adults alike can enjoy! These companies have been rated 5 stars on Google searches, and have a wide variety of sizes and package options to so you can find one perfect for your yard size, crowd size, and budget size.

  • Raleigh- Jump and Laugh : Even allows you to rent Corn Hole Boards for $30 with an inflatable rental!
  • Durham- EZ Rentalz : Has a “Hungry Hippo” inflatable that I can see providing fun for an all-day tournament.
  • Apex- Inflate-a-Party : Also offers a mechanical bull rental in a blow up surrounding!
  • Homemade Slip and Slide

If your recent move drained your party budget, and the inflatable slip and slides aren’t an option, but you want to still have fun and stay cool- there are ways to make homemade slip and slides. All you need are a hose (add sprinklers if they are an option at your home), dish soap, and plastic sheets (which you might have left over from the move or painting a room in your house). You can adjust the size of these to fit smaller yards, too!

  • Eating contests

What’s more All-American than a pie eating contest or hot dog eating contest? Whether you are participating or watching friends gorge, laughs and fun are had by all. You can start an annual tradition, if you wish, or buy prizes from the Dollar Tree for winners. This can even be done indoors if you need to escape the Triangle heat for a little while, or if you live in a neighborhood with smaller yard space. A planner tip- make sure you survey family and friends ahead of time to find participants before preparing multiple pies or an over-the-top number of hot dogs (or end up not having enough for everyone).

  • Backyard games

The only thing more All-American than eating contests might just be simple backyard (or front yard if that’s where space is) games. Corn hole and frisbee come to mind first, but there are so many outdoor games that cost little to nothing to have on hand in your new home. Once again, these games can be laid back or turn in to full on tournaments depending on what you are looking for.  Kan-Jam is a favorite in my family, and can provide hours of fun with just four people divided into two teams.

So, regardless of house and yard size, you can spend an amazing day showing off your new house and celebrating the 4th of July North Carolina style. Send out an Evite, create a Facebook event, or send a mass text to the people you love the most; have everyone bring a dish, and celebrate your new home, celebrate the memories you are beginning to make there; and most importantly, pursue the happiness that goes along with the life and liberty of living in The United States of America.

By Kristen Stephenson, Urhous Contributor

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