For Real Estate Agents: Limit Your Activity

The easiest thing for an agent to do is to become side tracked by too many things to do. If you’re a single agent you’re probably holding open houses, doing phone duty, showing homes, going on listing appointments, managing paperwork, making phone calls, doing social media, attending network events, setting up coffee dates, and the list goes on. Endless amounts of activity that lead you from one place to another but don’t give you the results you’re looking for. Which is why the best way for you to win is not to do more but do less.

There’s only so much time we have in a day and when we spend a little time doing one thing and a little bit of time doing another it ultimately leads to us doing a lot of things but accomplishing nothing. You can’t possibly master a craft when your focus is spread around. You have to do long, deep, enduring work. In particular – work that matters.

A better website won’t make you more profitable. Sitting behind a laptop or waiting for the phone to ring won’t do it either. You have to engage with people. This is the practice of the real estate agent. To know the market….and to know the market is to know people. The more you deal with people’s opinions, problems, their likes and dislikes, and what makes them happy the better you become at helping them figure out how to accomplish their goals.

Engaging with people requires long , deep, enduring work. So the question is what activities should you be doing that helps you engage with people. Do that because nothing else matters more.

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