It’s BBQ Season Which Is Why You Need To Know How To Stain Your Deck In 5 Easy Steps

Independence Day is right around the corner and millions of Americans will be hosting BBQ’s right on their back deck. But before you bring company over does your wood need to be re-stained? If so, here are 5 Easy Steps to have your deck looking brand new.

Step No. 1: Strip the Wood

Start by powerwashing the deck so that it’s free of any dirt that has accumulated over the years. But you’re also going to need to turn up the pressure to strip the wood of it’s previous stain. Be careful not to set it too high where you begin to damage the wood itself.

Step No. 2: Apply Prestain Conditioner

Apply a coat of prestain conditioner to ensure that the stain will be absorbed evenly into the wood.

Step No. 3: Stir the Stain

Open the stain and mix in any pigment that may have gotten stuck at the bottom of the can.

Step No. 4: Paint the Stain Onto The Deck

If you don’t have a paint sprayer use a natural bristle brush to apply the stain.

Step No. 5: Let Dry and Apply a Second Coat if Needed

Let the stain dry for about 30 minutes then come back and add a second coat if needed.

Image Courtesy of DIY Network

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