First Came the Smart Phone – Now, the Smart Home?

Although one can argue several pitfalls of smart phone technology and never being “unplugged”, we can all agree that these devices have drastically altered life- and let’s face it- have eased the anxieties of numerous everyday tasks and interactions. We can settle a debate with Google, find the cheapest gas, a place to eat, get directions, stay in touch with friends and family, conduct business, track our workouts, or order pizza with a device that fits in most pockets. Smart technology seems to connect you to the entire world outside your home.

But is it possible that same technology can connect you to your home when you’re out in the entire world and operating in a global society? The answer is 100%- YES.

The two programs that seemingly lead the way in smart home technology are security systems and thermostats.

Security systems have always amazed me, and the technology I continue to see in commercials of these systems seems to be quickly changing to meet the needs of modern living. You can now see your home, set the system, and lock or unlock your home all from the palm of your hand. Having my parents be able to disarm their security system (here in the Triangle) from Florida, so I could check on their home and mow their lawn, eased my mother’s anxiety considerably. She was less worried about having the code written out where someone uninvited could find it, and was far less stressed preparing for their trip when she did not have to coordinate my siblings’ and my schedules to hers in order teach us how to operate the security system. The future of security systems only shows more promising advances.

Now, even with the peace of mind of having your home secure, imagine this: You’re leaving a meeting, and realize it’s a humid hot North Carolina day, and the heat index has spiked to 100 degrees, but you live on a budget, and know your AC unit is working overtime and no one will be home for several hours. A thermostat with WiFi and Smart Technology allows you to control your home’s temperature from the palm of your hand, ANYWHERE you may be, possibly saving you a bit of money and sticking with eco-friendly habits. Thermostats of our grandparent’s day with a little pin to align with an ideal temperature have retired, even the programable ones Generation X-ers and older Millennials are used to can now be traded in for the “smart” version.

In collaborating with Urhous agents, I’m learning more than I could have possibly imagined about the future of how our homes will operate. Admittedly, at times, I feel like certain options are straight out of a science fiction film. One thing is certain, ready or not: smart home technology is happening now, even here in Raleigh- and it is nowhere near slowing down.

By: Kristen Stephenson, Urhous Contributor 

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