The Towns of Garner-Clayton Can Expect More Jobs, More Homes, and More Growth

For years Raleigh has been the center of national attention for the Triangle but tons of activity are also happening around towns that neighbor the big city. Garner and Clayton happen to be two of those small towns and not only are they seeing urban sprawl at it’s finest the demand from the people is there too. Why? Because many major companies are expanding and providing more opportunities for the residents who live there.

If you ever drive east down the I-40 Interstate you may have passed exit 306, better known as the White Oak exit, on your right-hand side of view. There you would find not only a conglomerate of retail giants such as BJ’s, Target, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more. You’ll also find some of the top restaurant chains in the region all centrally located inside this shopping hub. But there’s still more to come in White Oak. Although the projects have yet to be formally announced there’s a massive amount of construction going on around the area. Rumor has it, throughout the real estate industry, that people can expect to see residential real estate built to compliment the commercial infrastructure that’s already in place.

Thousands of people work in and around White Oak from construction workers, to lenders, agents, retail associates, waiters, and more, who all come together to build a bustling destination where people can live work and play.

But if you drive just 15 minutes down Business Hwy 70 and turn left of Powhatan Rd. you’ll notice more construction. Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company, is expanding their campus and hiring 700 new employees to assist with their growing demand.

“The $2 billion project, announced in 2015, is the company’s first outside its home country of Denmark, and it represents the largest single manufacturing investment in North Carolina state history.”

The project is expected to be completed in 2020 and the expansion is said to be the size of seven football fields. The average salary for the new jobs are estimated to be around $68,000 per year.

Johnston County has already approved more than 20,000 new housing units to prepare for the population boom and there’s a new middle school opening at the beginning of this coming school year, Swift Creek Middle School.

Due to the growing popularity of the City of Raleigh other surrounding small towns are also reaping the benefits through the surge of new jobs and a housing boom.

Sources: WRAL Tech Wire. Images courtesy of News and Observer.

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