Why Agents Should Focus on Just One Thing

On the outside looking in the real estate sales business seems to be full of agents who just show homes and collect commissions for a living. This is obviously far from the truth. Real estate is just like any other business – full of challenges and distractions, and agents, often times, find themselves overcome by the challenges and derailed by many distractions. Which is why agents would serve themselves and the industry well if they simply focused on just one thing.

It’s easy to use the word focus just as well as it’s easy not to practice focus. It’s far more difficult to make things simple, to clear away the clutter, and to focus on just one important thing that matters most. It almost seems to be human behavior to take on more than one can handle and add more things to the “To Do” list. But the more things we do the further away from the goal we get. Therefore, real estate agents must figure out that one big thing that matters most to their business and focus all of their attention there.

For most agents, especially ones just starting out, that one thing is usually leads. Without leads agents figure out quickly that they won’t be able to stay in business very long. But for other agents that one thing may be increasing market share within a specific territory, purchasing investment property, or maybe even hiring others to join their team. Whatever it may be the fact of the matter is that focus is the one element that always separates the best from the rest. Choose that one thing and put all your eggs in that basket. You have no need for any others until after you’ve filled up the basket you have.

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