Searching for Homes Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Have you run into the issue where you’ve come across a home online and you say to yourself “That’s my house!” only to find out minutes later that it’s no longer available? We thought it would be a novel idea to actually build a website that not only contains accurate information but is directly connected to it’s local MLS (multiple listing service) so that users are always able to get the most accurate information concerning a property in real time.

You can now let go of the hassle of struggling to figure out what’s actually for sale on those other sites and rather or not the information you’re being given is true. You can now search for homes at where you’ll receive the latest and up-to date listings in the Triangle market.

But it doesn’t stop there. Buyers are also able to get an idea of where they’re potential home will be located with a featured map, a mortgage calculator to help them identify what they’re approximate monthly cost would be, and a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions answering buyers most pressing concerns.

We also thought about the fact that most search sites seem to be skewed towards buyers only and figured that also needed to provide valuable information to sellers and we have done just that! Sellers can go on to and learn about how much their home is worth, receive a neighborhood property report, and speak directly to an agent who can give them deeper insight into the market and help sellers determine what the information means for them.

Here at Urhous, we believe in providing the tools and information to help our customers win. Check out today.

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