The Top Reasons Why Americans Buy Homes

KCM Blog recently conducted a survey revealing the Top Reasons why Americans purchase homes based on emotional and financial factors. Although all of the categories matter the one that sticks out the most is people want a place to call their own:

Emotional Factors

  • Want a place to call their own – 52%
  • Always something they wanted to do – 43%
  • Want to establish roots – 31%
  • A place to make memories – 28%

Financial Factors

  • Better than paying rent – 37%
  • Saved enough money – 26%
  • Have a steady job – 21%
  • Good time to buy a home – 15%

Homeownership continues to remain an important milestone in the lives of most Americans. But the real question is – is it time for you? Contact a Urhous agent today to get you started on your way.

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