Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents Tip #3 “Show Up”

Everyday is an opportunity. Let’s rephrase that….every moment is available to you to further connect with the marketplace, to gain better insight into which tactics stick, and to sharpen your craft. As a real estate agent everyday you must show up!

Half of the battle is simply doing the work. It’s easy to plan what your next steps are going to be, playing out several scenarios in the back of your mind, then attaching yourself to a perceived outcome before any work has been done. But that won’t get you very far. At some point you have to actually do what matters.

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The problem with showing up is showing up can lead to rejection, showing up cost money, and showing up doesn’t show you what the outcome is going to be before you do it. It’s a surprise! Until you’ve showed up enough that is….then you get the privilege to make better predictions about sales, leads, conversions and gain more insight to what pleases your customer. Until then you’re only dreaming.

No one needs to be told how to show up. You already know how. You just have to get over the fear that keeps you trapped in your mind of what will work and what won’t. Is it possible that some of those ideas you have are unpolished, not well thought out, and will fall flat on it’s face? Of course. But how do you know? You won’t know….until you show up that is.

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Today we’re holding our first event exclusively for real estate agents. “Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents.” We hope you show up to meet us and together we get to learn how to show up in the market and begin to make an impact in a big way.

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