Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents Tip #2 “Leads System”

In our last “Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents” blog post we learned that all businesses need leads and that those who have leads will last. But leads aren’t enough. You must also have a system in place that’s connected to it in order for your business to truly work.

Sure, it’s always good to have more leads coming in than to have very few or none at all but in order to really do good work and build something you can be proud of you must establish a system that will allow for you to engage those leads on a regular basis to ensure you increase your conversion rate.

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Some agents like to set leads up on a “Set it and Forget it” type plan where they input the customer’s name into a database and allow that system to send them homes and, on occasions, some sort of e-newsletter. The problem with this strategy is most of the homes and the content they send simply does not capture the attention of the consumer or give them value.

That’s Point #1, if you’re going to have a system in place that allows you to send homes to the customer and content you want seen be sure that the system provides that customer specifically with the kind of homes that interest them and the type of content that would be appealing to them. It does you no good to send out information that’s worthless. It needs to be valuable to the consumer.

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Point #2, engage regularly. Here at Urhous, we’re actually of the opinion that agents don’t touch customers enough! Most agents tend to start projects then stop about 2-3 months down the road. That simply isn’t enough time or touches for you to become “real” in the mind of the consumer. Think about it….how many times do you have to see an ad or receive a call before you finally decide to buy? Exactly, an infinite amount of times! This is how you make a dent in the minds of buyers and sellers – by becoming a regular like Starbucks and Walmart. Structure your follow up system in a way that’s not only repetitive but also fun, engaging, interesting, and informative. Keep your message simple and out in front of them. You win this game by consistency.

Point #3, learn to let go. Once you have your systems in place let the practice do the work but take your emotions out of it. Most agents get to attached emotionally about how they’re being received. And after getting a few emails and phone calls from people demanding that they remove them from their list they lose confidence and give up. You have to learn to let go of the results. You have to devote yourself to the practice but don’t become married to your perceived outcome. You’re going to lose people and you’re to gain people but you can’t be attached to either. You have to know that you’re simply dedicated to the practice and you’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Listen, next week Tuesday, on May 23rd, we’re going to be holding a live discussion with agents at our headquarters in Downtown Raleigh. We want you to come so we can have a chance to meet and talk about what it’s going to take for you to build your business in today’s market! Sign up here. We look forward to seeing you there.

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