Residents of Garner’s Forest Hill Apartments Being Forced Out

Many residents of Forest Hill Apartments have yet to find a new place to live. Residents of the Garner based apartment complex received notice back in March that they would be required to clear out by April 30 or be evicted.

This apparently came as a surprise to many residents as suddenly they found themselves having to quickly find housing in a market where demand is high and inventory is low, causing limited affordability, even for the rental market.

“Along with the renovation notice, Eller Capital Partners told residents it would no longer accept housing assistance payments. Most of the Forest Hills residents rely on federal subsidies.”

Wake County got involved when a number of residents pleaded to commissioners for help and according to Wake County Commissioner, Matt Calabria, whose district includes Garner, he stated to the News and Observer that “We have been told on multiple occasions that the landlord does not intend to force anyone out before June 15.” A week after residents made their plea Wake commissioners announced they had brokered a deal with Eller Capital Partners where residents would be allowed to stay and pay their usual rent through June 15 which would allow for children to finish out the school year.

However, on April 26, Forest Hill Management issued another notice similar to the first one stating that residents would be required to move out by April 30 along with move out instructions.

“Calabria said it was his understanding the owner provided the earlier date as a way of conveying its rights to reclaim property.”

Wake is using the Southeast Regional Library as a housing resource center for residents until June 1st. The next meeting to address ways residents can be assisted will take place on May 19 at the Wake County Human Services Building at 4pm.

This story was originally reported by the News and Observer’s Aaron Moody. Image courtesy of 

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