Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents Tip #1 – Get More Leads

There’s nothing that matters more to any business than leads. There’s a common saying in the real estate business that those who list last. But the real truth is those who generate leads last. You can’t get listings or sales without first having enough leads to do business. Therefore, before you get bogged down with what your listing and buyer presentation needs to look like just focus all your energy on getting more leads!

Most agents flounder around with lead generation and don’t fully dedicate themselves to the practice. And it is a practice, it’s an action that must be performed daily! It has to become a vital part of your daily routine. The day you decide that lead generation isn’t as important and that referral business is all you need is the day complacency will overtake your business.

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Lead generation is both a nurtured skill and a financial commitment. Both of these avenues must be developed in order for the agent to see the kind of return they hope for.

The skill set is based on the agent’s own talents, abilities, and interest. For example, are you a great communicator? Can you host a podcast, or webinar, or maybe even create content for a blog/vlog? How about starting a Meet Up around something you’re interested in or joining a group you can get involved with? These are just a few ways you can increase the amount of leads you have coming into your database.

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But there’s also a financial commitment to lead generation. Lots of agents like to focus on the activities that require man hours but few commit to spending money. Folks, you simply can’t get around this fact. You need to invest money into your lead generation systems in order to reap the rewards on the back end. How about creating original content that can be posted on Instagram? Or how about running Facebook Ad’s or purchasing territory on platforms such as Zillow? All of these types of advertising work but you have to commit to spending the money over the long term.

On May 23rd we’re holding a Meet Up group just for agents! It’s all about hustling to get more business and we’re going to have a conversation about what it takes to hustle hard and smart. Click on the link HERE to sign up. We’ll see you there.

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