How To Be a Good Neighbor. No, Seriously…

Apart from what happens in your immediate home who you live next to matters more than you think. In fact, your neighbors could be the reason why you decide to stay a while or move within the next couple of years. But sometimes it’s not your neighbors that’s hard to get along with which it means it just may be you!

There are 5 Important Things that matter most to your neighbors when you live within a community and leaving any of these out could likely cause unrest. So, the way to be a good neighbor could start with offering the folks next door some apple pie or you can skip that and just move on to the most important “THINGS” that come next:

THING #1 – Lawn

The way you keep your lawn has a lot to do with the way your neighbors are going to feel about you. If you have tall grass, weeds, and debris all over the place you can rest assured your neighbors are taking notice. To be a good neighbor keep your lawn nice and trimmed. Be aware of the items you store away on the side of your house that can be seen from the street especially if you don’t live in a neighborhood that has a homeowner’s association. Lawn upkeep can go a long way.

THING #2 – Noise

Certainly you’re not a noisemaker but they’re out there. They’re usually the group of folks who just can’t wait to play their music as loud as they can like everyone else want to hear it too. Or how about the family that just yells for no reason. They yell for everyone to come get the groceries out of the car, they yell when they want one of the kids to run in the house to get something they forgot, they yell just because that’s what they do…..

THING #3 – Your Pets

Pets can be fun but not everyone thinks so. Some people think they’re a nuisance and if your pet is constantly finding it’s way over to your neighbor’s lawn to do it’s daily routine they just may have something to say about it. Sometimes you might be able to simply introduce your pet to your neighbor that way if it ever happens by mistake from time to time they would be more tolerant.

THING #4 – Your Kids

Kids can also be fun but some of those little rascals like to do things their way. As a kid, I could remember playing basketball in my backyard and the ball bouncing over the fence, then hopping the fence to get it, only to destroy the neighbors flowers in the process. At the time, I thought to myself, “It’s not my fault she spent so much money on those stupid flowers” but today let’s just say I matured a little and have a different opinion. Anyone who has kids know that they’re really good at damaging other people’s stuff, and usually it’s something  of value. The best way to tackle this problem is to have multiple conversations with those “little property destroyers”, even if they haven’t done anything wrong, then praise them when they’ve done everything right, but end the praise with another gentle reminder of “make sure you don’t go over there and do…..fill in the blank.

THING #5 – Your Fence

Most people think it’s absolutely insane to let their neighbors know what kind of fence they’re going to put up but the truth is the kind of fence you decide to build will certainly affect the aesthetics of your neighbor’s fence should they decide to construct one. If you tell them ahead of time, not only will they be grateful, as it gives them an opportunity to plan for the future, but they might just decide to go in with you on the cost to build as two or more homeowners can get a better deal together than if one did it alone.

Ultimately, most people are great to deal with and neighbor issues tend to be few but doing your best to make the living environment around you better can do nothing but add to everyone’s enjoyment down the road.

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