Why Home Builders Need Great Marketing

Most of the time the product isn’t the reason why your homes aren’t selling it’s the fact that no one knows your community exist. 

In today’s market there are buyers to be found at all price points. But its not the market that’s causing a slow down in your sales it’s the competition and the fact that no one knows about your community. Everyone has new homes coming out of the ground but there are only a few home builders bringing the multitude of buyers to their neighborhoods. Now more than ever home builders need great marketing to gain an edge over their competition.

If the big national builders are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV and radio spots, signage, mailings, and online advertising how can you get in front of the consumer earlier and often with a lesser marketing budget? You need a great marketing strategy.

Here are the platforms consumers are glued to on a daily basis:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Buyers live here and your neighborhood needs to have not only a presence on these platforms, it needs to also grab the attention of the consumer so they want to learn more, and eventually, buy one of your homes.

How Do You Grab Their Attention?

You do it by telling a story that matters to the consumer you’re targeting. You need to ask yourself the following questions as you put together your marketing strategy:

Who is the community meant target?

How will your community solve the buyer’s problem?

What sort of lifestyle could they expect to lead?

What sort of features will the community and home have?

Where is your community located and what is it near by?

These are the questions you must answer as you solicit the attention of buyers. Simply posting signs around the neighborhood that answers these questions is no longer enough. Signs can’t go viral on the internet – content can – and attention leads to sales!

For more information about how Urhous can help you gain more buyers email us at builders@urhous.com

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