Go Opposite of The Pack. And a Free Event for Real Estate Agents!

The easiest thing you can do as an agent is go along with the pack. It makes perfect sense, if you do what everyone else does then there’s less of a likelihood you’ll fail right? Wrong! The truth is the longer you stay the course and do what is conventional the higher probability you’ll find yourself a cog in a system full of average agents doing mediocre work. So what must you do to get ahead? You must learn to go opposite of the pack.

Nothing matters more in the real estate business then honing the skill of generating leads and converting them into sales. No agent was born this way. You don’t just wake up and suddenly know how to convince people to hire you for your services. It’s a skill that must be developed over time. However, most agents haven’t a clue of where to begin and so the easiest thing to do is copy what everyone else does. So you go on an “Asking Tour” and appeal to agents to give you their most precious secrets of what it takes for them to generate business.

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So, one agent tells you to find a community to “farm” and go door knocking.

Another agents tells you to go door knocking but also send the prospects something in the mail on a monthly basis.

A few more agents tell you to do all of that but also hold open houses every week.

Then a plethora of agents tell you that you should do all of the above but the one thing that will tip the scale is doing phone duty more often than not.

And then six months down the road you have only one sale and brushing up your resume because you have to go find another job. You’ve spent too much time following the pack.

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Agents must learn to go opposite of the pack. Wherever the pack is headed chances are that road has already been ruined. Everyone’s is doing it, have done it, and are about to do it again. So if you jump in the affray you become just another number.

So how do you know what to do in order to generate business? Simple. Do you.

Here’s what that means. Doing you has more to do with understanding who you are and what things you’re good at then going all in on that. Now, you have to be reasonable here. What you do needs to make practical sense in terms of how it leads to business. You still have to do activities or spend money in ways that will lead to business. But nevertheless, an unconventional approach, that’s not overly creative, is a far better use of your time than going door knocking.

Next, you have to be able to build a system around the tactics you choose. If it can’t be done over and over again it simply doesn’t make sense for you to do it even once. You have a limited amount of time to make your business work. Each day that goes by is money made or lost! Therefore you have to be mindful about the tactics you choose to make sure they can lead to sales and used over an extended period of time.

By the way, we’re holding our first Meet Up for real estate agents. Be sure to attend as we dive deep into how you can hustle hard and build your business in today’s market. Sign Up for Real Hustle for Real Estate Agents Here.

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