Why It’s Imperative for Sellers to Choose the Right Listing Agent

When the market is bullish and your home is in the right location there’s a really good chance that your home will sell quickly regardless of the agent chosen to represent it. But when the market softens or your home is not in a prime area it’s going to require a lot more skill then just putting a sign out in the yard. You need to have the right listing agent.

Listing a home for sale is not very difficult to do but marketing a home requires a real sense of knowledge and understanding about the market the property is in and the likely demographic that will purchase the home. This is what savvy listing agents know how to do. They identify a target market then focus their marketing efforts and dollars towards that group. When done properly, the agent is usually able to bring their client a sale at retail price or above.

But choosing the wrong listing agent can have damaging consequences. When a home isn’t being properly marketed it leads to it spending countless days on the market. Why does that matter? Because the longer the home sits the less likely the seller will get the number they were hoping for. This translates into real dollars and cents. After considering real estate expenses, taxes, attorney fees, mortgage payoff, and any other cost if the sale doesn’t yield the return that will at least cover those expenses the seller could find themselves having to bring money to closing in order to sell their house!

Therefore, choosing just any agent to sell your home should not cross your mind. Sellers must understand that the listing agent will be responsible for finding the right buyer, negotiating the deal, and managing the transaction all the way to close. This requires skill and intelligence that not all agents possess. So be smart and choose the agent who’s going to make you more money than the fees they charge.

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