DOT Plans to Convert Glenwood Ave to Freeway

If you’ve ever had to drive down Glenwood Ave. from T.W. Alexander to Durham you can attest that traffic can be horrendous. The Department of Transportation has said that the area is now overly congested and is need of a modification which could be in the form of a freeway.

Currently the plan is to convert five miles of Highway 70 to a freeway which will open up more lanes of traffic and reduce commuters drive time. The DOT has not stated rather or not the government’s power of eminent domain would be used to take additional real estate that may be needed to make the project work but have hinted at the possibility.

Some neighboring businesses, who have benefited from the highway in it’s current state, are concerned about how the change may affect their business but the DOT has suggested that service roads would be used to ensure that traffic is still able to find its way to the businesses along the corridor.

Current plans for construction are scheduled for 2024.

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