Why Speed Matters for Agents. And Why Most Lose Business.

There is one dynamic that regularly outperforms the conventional pedigree of being the go-to agent in a community, where traditionally the agent who’s with the biggest company, has the most listings, or is the most popular around and that is speed.

Execution is everything in the real estate business and the faster, and more consistently, you reach the mark over your competition, the better chance you give yourself of winning that listings or converting that buyer.

Let me explain.

One of the weakest areas for most agents is their ability to market themselves. It’s not that agents don’t try to get noticed it’s the fact they don’t take a systematic approach to getting in front of the consumer regularly.

Speed comes to play when the agent recognizes in November that the spring market is approaching, and instead of taking the holidays to relax, they’re out grinding to make sure they get their content and material distributed to their target market. They strive to be seen first by the consumer. But then they follow up the next month and the next to make sure they’re seen often.

This is where speed takes over and the “established” agent doesn’t have a chance because they’re not betting on execution, they’re betting on their reputation which is the assumption that the market will choose you based on who you are and what you’ve done versus the work you’re doing.

Here’s another example!

Buyers come in many forms. Some are sent as referrals from past clients. Some you meet in passing at your kid’s soccer game. Some you procure at an open house and some you may get from an online lead generation system you have in place. But no matter where they come from there’s one thing you need to know when trying to convert a buyer into a client. You have to get in front of them fast!

Buyers can be fickle, and most of the time, will do business with the agent who reached out to them first. One of the biggest mistakes agents make is that they think they have time! They think it’s okay to wait to call the customer until after all their “appointments” are done for the day. They think it’s smart to give them a questionnaire about lenders and motives before meeting them face to face.

If you’re playing those type of games with buyers chances are you’re losing out on a ton of business. For the hustler agent, the only thing they care about is speed! Rather they get the business or not is irrelevant. The point is, you have to get in the habit of executing fast, and if one customer doesn’t work out chances are three more will because you’ve created a habit of executing fast and often. Remember, you’re playing a numbers game not just trying to make one transaction work.

Agents who do not practice “Speed” are at a massive disadvantage. Don’t fall into that group. Get out there and hustle. If you do it, I guarantee, you’ll help more people, earn more money, and see a difference in your transaction numbers at the end of the year.

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