Chip and Joanna Gaines New HGTV Deal

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of the popular HGTV series “Fixer Upper.” A show where they help buyers find a home then renovate certain rooms to give the home a new stunning appeal. But now the Gaines’ plan on giving their audience an even deeper look into all that goes on behind the scenes.

The network is calling the new series “Fixer Upper: Behind the Design” where Joanna gives viewers a behind the scenes look at all the details that take place off camera while filming for “Fixer Upper.” In the exclusive sneak peek for their new show, several clear containers, pillows and cluttered rooms that didn’t see the light on TV were featured, showing fans what happens in all the rooms that they don’t get to see on the “Fixer Upper” show.

“Behind the Design” will address questions about their process and how they get from point A to B when it comes to their design projects.

Currently, production for season 5 is underway for “Fixer Upper” but HGTV has yet to announce a premiere date.

Image Courtesy of Inquisitir

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