How To Come To Market When More Than One Home Is For Sale On Your Street

Sometimes unwanted company shows up like when a couple of your neighbors decide to put their home on the market for sale the same time as you! How do you gain a competitive advantage against “the Jones and Smith family” up the street, who you just had Thanksgiving with a few months ago, but now find yourself going toe to toe to sell your home before they do for the best price? This doesn’t happen everyday but when it does here’s what you need to do to obliterate those neighbors down the road.

First thing you need to do is under cut their price. Not by that much – a couple thousand will do the trick. If you and your neighbors have comparable homes you can rest assure the buyers will want to come and see your home first because it’s cheaper.

Next, you want to make sure your home has better photos than theirs. Pictures that buyers see online is the new “first impression” and if you’re home looks better on the buyer’s web browser than the next home you better believe the buyers are coming to see your home first.

But once you get them there you not only need to keep them interested you have to make them fall in love. How do you make a buyer fall in love with your home? Here are 5 Ways to do just that. But for the sake of time here’s a quick synopsis on how to appeal a buyer’s emotions in a nutshell:

  • Make them feel a sense of calm by burning a few scented candles. Everyone loves stepping into a space that smells good.
  • Brighten up the room with beautiful light wall colors.
  • Stage each room appropriately so the space is used efficiently.
  • Declutter so that the buyers are able to see themselves in the home.

When more than one home is on the market on the same street it can make for some tight competition, but if you can give yourself an edge by using price and aesthetic appeal to your advantage it just may be the reasons why your home sold first and for a great price.

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