5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Still Stinks

Has your kitchen ever been smelly and you just couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from? Everyone has experienced a stinky kitchen at least once and it has an alarming affect. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Still Stinks:

    1. Clogged Drain. All sorts of things find their way into your pipes. Eventually, something gets caught and decides to rest a while until you do something about it. Things such as the skin from last week’s chicken you were cleaning is a prime example. You might want to consider stopping by Lowes to pick up a bottle of Drano to clear those pipes. Most of the time that will do the trick!
    2. Broken Garbage Disposal. How about that garbage disposal that’s been non-operational for years! Food is constantly getting dropped down that side of the sink and because the disposal doesn’t work a lot of the stuff that gets trapped you can’t get out. Head back to Lowes and pick yourself up a garbage disposal. It should only run you about a hundred bucks.
    3. Rotten Potatoes. If you’re like me, I absolutely love potatoes in all it’s forms, but when they go bad it can leave an awful smell. Check your pantry and make sure you don’t have at least one yucky potato that’s gone sour. It can be enough to stink up the entire kitchen alone.
    4. Old Cooking Oil. You might be smarter than most of us and use a new batch of cooking oil every time you fry fish. But for the rest of us we sometimes like to save the last pot we used for another day. The leftover residue from frying can leave a thick greasy odor that make you want to open every window in the house. Even though I like to do it too, you might want to get rid of that old leftover cooking oil. It’s causing way too much “stinkiness.”
    5. Bottom of The Garbage Needs Cleaning. Now be honest….when was the last time you checked the bottom of the garbage to make sure it was clean? Exactly! Maybe ten months ago. Do yourself a big favor this weekend and remove the garbage bag then get to cleaning. It just may be the source of stink in your kitchen.

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