Tesla to Start Selling Solar Roof This Year

Back in late October Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, announced a new solar roof product to the world that would save homeowners thousands of dollars in energy cost as well as be an aesthetically appealing product for their home.

Elon Musk said that it looks “quite promising” that the new solar roof could be even cheaper than what it cost to install a normal roof, including labor cost.

According to Solar City (recently acquired by Tesla) the solar tiles are made by a tempered glass and the solar cells are placed behind the glass. Additionally, the solar cells “are invisible to the naked eye, yet incredibly efficient. So when you’re on the street, you simply see a stunning roof.”

Image taken from Tesla.com

The roof converts solar energy into electricity then integrates with a battery source to power the home.

Tesla will offer four different types of shingles:

Textured Glass

Image taken from Tesla.com

French Slate

Image taken from Tesla.com

Smooth Glass

Image taken from Tesla.com


Image taken from Tesla.com

Tesla and Panasonic will begin producing the solar cells mid 2017.

Sources: Tesla.com, SolarCity.com

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