Ben Carson Confirmed as HUD Secretary

The Senate voted 58-41 last week Thursday to confirm Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Secretary Carson will now lead an agency with a $47 billion budget and “a charge to assist millions of low-income renters, fight urban blight and help struggling homeowners stave off foreclosures.”

Mr. Carson is no stranger to government aid. As a child his mother, at times, received food stamps to provide for her family. However, contrary to popular opinion, Carson didn’t grow up living in public housing although he did know many who’s families utilized housing programs.

Image taken from The New York Times

The Secretary’s views worry many of his critics who believe the federal government should be doing more to assist the nation’s cities where downtowns have become more upscale and the surrounding neighborhoods are seeing increased gentrification. Carson has publicly stated that he believes too much government help can discourage people from working hard, but during his confirmation hearings he also said that he intends to use all the resources available to him to help all Americans.

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