What’s the Difference Between an ARM and Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Consumers have options when it comes to financing a home and two of the most frequent types of mortgages used in the marketplace are ARM’s (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) and a Fixed Rate Mortgage. Here are the main differences between the two.

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It’s BBQ Season Which Is Why You Need To Know How To Stain Your Deck In 5 Easy Steps

Independence Day is right around the corner and millions of Americans will be hosting BBQ’s right on their back deck. But before you bring company over does your wood need to be re-stained? If so, here are 5 Easy Steps to have your deck looking brand new.

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Price it to Sell

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is they price their home above or at the top of the market. Their logic tends to be that is if they go on the market at a higher price they can always negotiate down to the number they were actually thinking. Or, if no one makes an offer they can lower the price in minor increments over time.

This is not a good strategy! In fact, it almost never works. As a home sits on the market and days begin to go by how likely are buyers thinking that the home is worth what the sellers are asking? Hardly ever. Buyers are thinking that the home is overpriced and it needs to come down.

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First Came the Smart Phone – Now, the Smart Home?

Although one can argue several pitfalls of smart phone technology and never being โ€œunpluggedโ€, we can all agree that these devices have drastically altered life- and letโ€™s face it- have eased the anxieties of numerous everyday tasks and interactions. We can settle a debate with Google, find the cheapest gas, a place to eat, get directions, stay in touch with friends and family, conduct business, track our workouts, or order pizza with a device that fits in most pockets. Smart technology seems to connect you to the entire world outside your home.

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Barack and Michelle Purchase $8.1 Million Home In D.C.

After Barack Obama’s presidential term ended there was much speculation around rather or not the former first family would move back to their hometown of Chicago. But after renting a lavish home in D.C.’s ritzy neighborhood Kalorama much of the speculation died down. However, now the Obama’s have taken the next step and purchased the home they were renting and have decided that because they’ll be in the nation’s capital for at least another two and a half years, said their spokesperson Kevin Lewis, “it made sense for them to buy a home rather than continuing to rent property.”

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Urhous Search Dot Com

Nothing matters more to consumers than having access to the most up to date listings on the market which is why we wanted to deliver a first class real estate search portal to buyers and sellers. UrhousSearch.com is directly connected to the local MLS (Multiple Listings Service) and provides users with an easy to use online experience.

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